I got this in an email message this morning and I am at a loss since I have no experience with satellite anything.

My problem is that I can’t get anything streaming in without waiting for long periods of buffering.  Even simple video clips on a web site or YouTube, etc.  I have a one year old,1 gig, Compaq Presario V6310US Notebook PC.  It came with Windows Vista.  I receive through AT&T Sierra Wireless Satellite ( an electronic “card” that plugs into my USB port.  I don’t know if I’m just not able to get streaming video without the ungodly long intervals of buffering, or if my settings are somehow incorrectly set. I get everything in real time at my work computer, which is on DSL.

I did a Google and did find that download speeds were in the 600-1400 range. I am guessing this could be the problem.

Any advice will be appreciated.

TIA, Ron