Google may be finding it more difficult to enter into the cell phone business, as it struggles to get their gPhone [Android] project off the ground. In a recent report it seems to indicate that the gPhone may not hit the market until 2009. But currently neither Google nor any of the other developers have confirmed this. In the articles it states:

¬†While the heavily discussed launch of a T-Mobile USA-branded phone in late 2008 is still said to be on track, alleged sources tell the paper that Sprint is no longer expected to have its own phone using the Linux-based software in the same period. The carrier has reportedly had to delay the launch until 2009 as it wants to put its own services on the device rather than sell it with Google’s default software alone. The company is also considering skipping from 3G to its 4G WiMAX service for a phone, though what this device would involve is uncertain.

The delays, though unconfirmed by either Google or the carriers, would soften the impact of Android on the cellphone market and give rivals such as fellow California mobile developer Apple extra lead time on cornering the smartphone market; the iPhone 3G has several features that are known to be essential to some Android phone models, including a touchscreen, a complete HTML web browser, and integrated Google Maps support. Both Apple and Google have promoted easier mobile app development, while Google has shown hints that it may follow the direction taken with the iPhone and launch a self-run app store that would encourage developers with guaranteed customer access.

It seems that we have been waiting for a gPhone for so long, that any delay just seems almost expected. Hopefully once the phone does arrive it will not disappoint the public and be a competitive alternative to other phones that are currently available.

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