When you take a picture with a digital camera, there’s just so much that you can do with it. Although you may opt to keep it and share it like it is, if you actually want to have some fun with it, then you’ll find no shortage of desktop applications and online tools that will help you take your images beyond what they were originally. Since most of us aren’t skilled graphic designers, we’re limited in terms of what we can do, so convenience and simplicity are very important. Even if you don’t know anything about image editing, you can still have some fun with Kyolo.

This service exists for one purpose, and that is to help you put speech bubbles on your photos. The inserted text can be humorous or serious, although you’ll find that most people use tools like this to make fun of images. You can get started without creating an account, and using Kyolo is as easy as uploading your picture, adding and customizing the speech bubbles, and then sharing the modified image with your friends by sending the link to them via e-mail or using it on your Web site. If you’re having a rough day, try to have some fun with Kyolo.