Still using Opera, however I am forced to type this with Firefox as it seems that the WordPress Rich Editor has compatibility issues with Opera for some reason. Despite this, it has come a long way from this event. Remember when Opera was serving ads?

With all of the good that Opera has recently brought to my own desktop, there are some frustrations. While rare, there are websites that simply are not working well or at all with the Opera browser. These include:

  • Many webmail sites prove to be totally unusable.
  • Gmail spell-check only works in plain text mode – this is terrible.
  • Opera spell-check depends on aspell, which means an extra dialog without any inline alerts to misspellings at all.

Perhaps I am asking too much here, but with all of the fantastic things Opera is offering me as a user, I would really like to see vastly improved spell-check included. Now I have tested out about three different scripts which do not work at all with the latest release of Opera, or in some cases provide absolutely zero instructions on how to use them.

Opera devs, seriously, let’s get serious with the spell-check feature. While you may not be able to do much about WordPress editing, you can certainly get real about true inline spell checking! Come on…