Maybe I missed it or did Osama Bin Laden place Sweden on his hit list?  Being a beacon for the threat of terrorism, the Swedish government has passed a wiretap law for all Internet and telephone traffic. But what is disturbing according to one source, is that that anyone entering into Swedish Internet space is subject to the law. In a remarkable turn of events. some are asking that Sweden be banned from the Internet. In the article it also states;

Many people have asked me what we’re planning to do – and the answer is “A lot!”. We’re going to help out in any way we can with fighting the law. This week we’re going to add SSL to The Pirate Bay. We’re also going to help out making a website about easy encryption – both for your harddrives and your net traffic. As some people know, we’re running a system for VPN-tunnels already and we’re going to lower the price for that as well and open it up for international users as well.

More stuff is planned – together with other people that work against the law we’ve talked about asking the international ISPs to block traffic to Sweden. Yes, that’s right! We want Sweden to be banned from the Internet. The ISPs need to block Sweden in order to protect their own customers integrity since everything they do on Swedish ISPs networks will be logged and searched.

Though this is just one persons thoughts, it does seem odd that Sweden would be taking such drastic steps. I haven’t read about any type of terrorist attacks against the Swedes. Have you?

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