I have been using Google Mail as my primary mail program for about a year now.  I use Gmail to fetch mail from all of my other accounts.  From this, I can send mail as if I was sending it from any of my six other accounts.  This makes checking my mail super easy; it all happens in one spot.  I was very surprised when I came across a Techmeme post titled “Does Your Gmail Suck Too?

Messages are either not getting sent or being lost by the system. Several people have complained about not receiving replies, even after we have sent them back. The mail system hangs up and you keep waiting for something to happen.

I’ve had the issue where gmail hangs, however, that is only when I am ending a large file or a few images.  When that happens, I take a break from the computer and go get a drink.  When I come back, the message has been sent.

I have never once had an issue with people not getting mail from me.  In fact, I get replies almost minutes later in some situations.  Gmail seems to send my mail out fast, but it comes back even faster.

What about you?  Do you use Gmail?  Any problems with it?

Justin Capasso