For a company that is a one hit wonder according to Steve Ballmer, Google has added another useful source to its bag of tricks. Called Google Ad Planner the newest entry connects publishers with advertisers using this unique media tool. According to the folks at Google:

If you’re a media planner at an ad agency, you know that planning an
online display buy can be challenging, particularly in scaling your
campaign’s reach while keeping it relevant for your target audience.
Plus, how do you keep track of the millions of sites out there that
might be just right for your campaign?

We hope you’ll find this tool useful and discover many relevant
sites–small and large–that would otherwise be hard to find. As Ad
Planner is a new product, it’s currently available by invitation only.
If you’re interested in trying it out, you can apply here.

Google seems to have a endless bag of tricks that keeps it an industry leader when it comes to the Internet. I read where someone had labeled Microsoft a two trick pony having Windows and Office as its claim to fame.

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