So this morning I get this nasty comment about being a terrible human being, since the poster states I have not responded back to their previous comment which was not even posted. Say what? I don’t even know what this person is talking about and I briefly mention this to my wife over coffee. The wife asked if I checked by spam folder. Seems that she does this all of the time and has found some comments kicked out as spam by Akismet, and that they were legitimate comments.

So I take a look-see and sure enough. There is the original post. Surprise. I find 6 other posts, not spam, also sitting in the Akismet folder as well.  Interesting.

So you may wish to check your Akismet folder once in awhile to see if any comments have gone astray.

Hope this helps, Ron

PS I dumped all of the old spam to make furture checks easier.