Dell has a new advertising slogan in which it states: ‘Worlds Most Secure Notebook’ . The folks over at Lenovo seem to have taken Dell to task and asked the National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus to see what they thought. In their opinion NAD says that:

Advertising for Dell products was challenged by Lenovo Computers, the maker of competing computers. NAD, the advertising industry’s self-regulatory forum, examined claims that appeared in print advertising, in a press release and on Dell’s Website, including:

• “World’s Most Secure Notebooks”
• “World’s Most Secure Commercial Notebooks”
• “World’s Most Manageable Energy Efficient Commercial Desktop Ever.”
• “The most flexible approach to systems management”
• Most Flexible Systems Management and Serviceable Products.”

On the basis of the evidence in the record, NAD determined that advertiser demonstrated that it offered features of computer security that were both unique and meaningful to consumers.

However, it also determined that the broad claim “World’s Most Secure” was not adequately supported and was appropriately discontinued. NAD determined that although the advertiser had a reasonable basis for its precise claims relating to the compilation of the FDE Encryption Solution components, the advertiser should refrain from making broad superiority claims where it had not sufficiently established that its competitors’ products provided less security.

So Dell does have a secure system, but not just the world’s most secure.

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