I was watching CNN yesterday and was surprised to learn just how high prices were heading in Hawaii. Having just been to the islands last October, I thought prices were high than, but now they have skyrocketed out of sight. To add to the high cost of staples, is also the high cost of plane flights which have been hit buy the rising cost of fuel. With Aloha and ATA airlines going out of business and other airlines cutting flights to the island, Hawaii is being hit with a double whammy.

Tourism is the life blood of Hawaii and they are dependant on visitors to keep their economy afloat. In the articles it states:

One state senator says Hawaii has a brewing crisis on its hands, and wants the state to be proactive before things get really bad. 

To add to their woes are prices that have hit a new high. Consider these prices:

Imagine going to your local grocery store and paying over $8 for a jar of Jif peanut butter. How about $5.50 for a loaf of white bread, $6.50 for a gallon of milk or $7.19 for a half-gallon of orange juice?

 Which means lettuce is running $2 per pound. Tomatoes are at $6.39 a pound and a 3-pack of red peppers costs $7.

That means going without luxuries such as ice cream, which costs about $7.60 per gallon. But when a box of cereal can cost nearly $8, and $7.19 only buys one pack of Kraft American cheese slices, saving money is easier said than done.

Yipes! That’s $2 a pound for lettuce not for a head.

So what do you think? Will you be visiting the islands any time soon? 🙂

Comments welcome.

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