Chrysler is gearing up for their 2009 models to be rolling Wi-Fi hot stops, that will allow Internet connection right from your vehicle. What a great idea! Now I will be able to spend more time on the Internet and never get a break. 🙂 According to the story from the LA Times:

Is there anything more frustrating than being stuck on the 405,
unable to illegally download the new Coldplay album and put it on your
iPod? Or surf the Web from the passenger seat?

Chrysler feels your pain. The littlest of the Big Three will soon be
putting wireless routers in its vehicles -– turning its cars, trucks
and SUVs into roaming Wi-Fi hotspots.

Chrysler plans to formally announce the news
Thursday, just days before California’s new hands-free driving
legislation goes into effect, but Wired and ITWire
got the jump on it. The service would appear to be a huge victory for
that critical lobby of people bored with merely texting, scrolling
through iPod playlists and chatting on the phone.

Highway safety advocates, on the other hand, are a little less enthusiastic.

“Stop already!” said Russ Rader, spokesman for the Insurance
Institute for Highway Safety, a nonprofit funded by insurance companies
that researches the causes of accidents. “Clearly this is a problem.
Our cars are becoming just another place to catch up on calls and now
e-mail, and that’s a real safety problem.”

For its part, Chrysler says that the service is intended to be used
while in motion only by passengers, not drivers, who should use it only
when parked. The car maker admits, however, that …

there is no way to prevent the driver from surfing and driving
simultaneously.  “We’re relying on the responsibility of the consumer
to follow appropriate legislation,” said Keefe Leung, Chrysler’s
engineer for the product.

In that case, California drivers can breathe a sigh of relief: The law
going into effect on July 1 doesn’t proscribe use of computers or the
Web at all, except for drivers 18 years of age or younger (there is a
bill in the state Senate that would make computer use illegal, however).

Don’t to throw a damper on this idea, but one one think that Chrysler may wish to start concentrating on more fuel efficient cars, hybrids, and other alternatives to oil. On their web site I only see one hybrid vehicle. Hello. Giving $2.99 gas away is not going to solve the oil crisis.IMHO it just adds to the problem.

What do you think? Is Chrysler on or off track when it comes to what Americans want from their cars?

Comments welcome.