Microsoft is claiming that the PC is still the largest based gaming device, even larger than the game consoles that are so popular. In an interesting take on the gaming industry, Microsoft is presenting their contention that it is still the PC that has the lion share of gaming. In the article it also states:

We have to be realistic about the fact that PC gaming is threatened by hugely popular game consoles. And if you look at media coverage alone, it sometimes appears that high-end PC gaming is already being reduced to benchmarking CPUs and GPUs. Subjectively, the lion’s share of gaming talk these days appears to be focused on consoles.

However, this scenario can be deceiving, as the PC remains the largest gaming platform in terms of its installed base. In an open letter published today, Microsoft corporate vice president John Schappert said that he can “report that Microsoft and a growing community of the gaming industry’s leading publishers, hardware manufacturers and retailers have made the Windows-based PC the largest gaming platform in the world.”

“While the challenges we face as an industry are many, PC gaming has never been stronger, and we’re confident this trend will continue in the years to come,” he wrote.

This is surprising since console sales have skyrocketed  and seem to be the rage when it comes to gaming.

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