Over at Gizmodo they have what I believe is one of the best articles I have read about why Vista isn’t that bad. What I enjoyed about the article was the way it was written and the choice of wording. Some positive points were almost apologetic in the writers view. There were also 5 things the writer did not like about Vista.

So I took a look at some of the ones where the wording was cautious in the description of what the writer liked:

2. It’s the best looking Windows yet.

I agree. Vista Aero is mighty pretty compared to previous versions of Windows. But what I liked best was this one sentence at the bottom of how pretty Vista is:

If you want to disable Aero for certain applications for performance or compatibility reasons, see here.

It’s pretty but you might have to turn it off sometimes. Strange!

3. Games work just about as well as under XP.

But than there is this:

There’s a slight performance degradation under Vista when compared to Windows XP using the exact same hardware. Is it noticeable? Probably, but it’s somewhere around the level of 10%. 

If I read this correctly, it can than also be stated that Vista doesn’t perform as well XP when it comes to game playing.

7. User Account Control is useful for some people.

This feature is so great that the writer admits turning UAC off. He goes on to identify who the ‘some people’ are but admits UAC is a step in the right direction but still needs fixing.

Now for the bad stuff, some of which I embrace as well,  and also dislike in Vista:

1. Things aren’t where they used to be

Have you seen the new 2009 model cars? In order to use the brakes, you need to lower the passenger window, make sure your car radio is tuned to AM station 1040, and have your wipers set to low speed. There are only six steps to accelerate.

Every time that Microsoft comes out with something new, the minions in Redmond think it is necessary to bury some of the standard stuff under layers of menu’s that the user needs to wade through. Hello! Just because you move something around and change the icon it uses does not make it new!

Overall I think you will enjoy the 10 best and 5 worst things about Vista article. But don’t take it to serious. It all goes back to one thing and one thing only. If you enjoy using Vista, sticking with XP or use an alternative OS  you have the perfect OS already. 🙂

Comments welcome.