I am more less a “social networker” by need, rather than want. That is a fairly accurate description I think. And up till now, it has proven to be a royal pain in the backside. Trying to keep my Flickr, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube accounts synced up in one place has been horrid nightmare. Recently Friendfeed has made the entire thing much less of a hassle. Again, I am not someone who makes every aspect of his life public, so some of my accounts are either missing or tapered back within Friendfeed itself, for safety reasons.

Why Friendfeed and not Facebook? Simple – privacy and control. Facebook frankly scares the heck out of me with the various applications and convoluted privacy triggers, it’s just not worth it to me anymore. And to be honest with you, if Twitter does not get it together pretty soon with the downtime, broken reply option and disabled API, I see Friendfeed overtaking them very quickly.

Now, how can something like Friendfeed be used to streamline your office or perhaps, small business? While I am totally going out on a limb here, I think it might be interesting to see what everyone is doing using Friendfeed as a sharing tool. This is not to replace whatever management system you are currently using internally mind you, rather a tool to provide transparency with your customers/clients.

Thinking specifically of those who are working to keep people posted on the latest but would rather not fill their inbox with junk mail, perhaps this is the ultimate means to do this? Still not completely sure myself, as I am still feeling this whole thing out. I must admit that I like the sharing aspect of it and I like the fact that I have enough control over what I am sharing that I do not feel like I am sharing too much.

What do you think, is Friendfeed worth it to you or your business? Also, feel free to add me if you like as well.