Google – the one trick pony according to Steve Ballmer, has anoher toy for the masses to play with. Called Google Media Server, the Windows only software will change the way we interact with our TV now and in the future. In their description Google says that Google Media Server works in conjuntion with Google Desktop, which must also be installed on your computer. The article also states:

In the old days, we used to watch a simple device called a television. Nowadays, all the stuff worth watching and listening to tends to be stored on or accessed through a computer. To help remedy this, we are pleased to release the Google Media Server.

Google Media Server is a Windows application that aims to bridge the gap between Google and your TV. It uses Google Desktop technology such as Desktop gadgets for the administration tool and Google Desktop Search to locate media files. All you need is a PC running Google Desktop and a UPnP-enabled device (e.g. a PlayStation 3). At the touch of a button, you can then:

  • Access videos, music, and photos stored on your PC
  • View Picasa Web Albums
  • Play your favorite YouTube videos

According to another source, the one disappointment is that Google Media Server does not support Linux nor Mac OS. There is hope that Google may remedy this situation soon.

So it does look like this one trick pony is going to learn more tricks. I think Microsoft is going to be extremely sorry to see Bill Gates leaving Steve Ballmer in Bill’s place. Google is probably jumping up and down knowing their competition is being lead by a man that even blew the Yahoo deal. 🙂

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