In the 1950s Khrushchev banged a shoe on a lectern and vowed that America was going to destroy herself from the inside. Now a half a century later his prediction is on the verge of being fulfilled. The Middle Eastern countries have also sworn to destroy the United States but lacking the military power to attack us directly have left it in the hands of their extremists and oil magistrates to do for them.

If you doubt these facts just look around you. First we have oil companies who cry that they are only making a 7 percent profit and do not care that 7 percent of a billion dollars far surpasses a 7 percent profit for a company only making a couple of million a year and totally eclipses the 2 percent the average American can count on for an annual raise. Then you look at the government who since the 1970’s oil embargo has failed to act responsibly and build more oil refineries, to refine the crude oil we receive, or even better use the funds that they waste to seek alternative sources of fuel that would liberate us from the need for foreign oil. So, given that what do we face today?

This morning oil on the open market reached $141.00 and CNN reported that they expected that amount to reach $170.00 a barrel before the end of summer. $170 a barrel equates out to $5.00 a gallon at the pumps. This was then minimized by stating that this would not be the end and that we could expect to see gasoline reach $7.00 a gallon by the year 2010. That is only 18 months from now. If this trend does continue we must fact the fact that the price of fuel, on which our economy thrives, could well reach its breaking point of $10.00 a gallon sometime in the next 4 to 5 years.

Why do I use $10.00 a gallon as a critical measure? It is because economic analysts have stated that if oil reaches this benchmark the American economy cannot survive. This is because the price of food, heating, cooling, clothing, video games, everything would go up accordingly and it is unlikely that wage increases could even begin to come close to this precipitated rise. That in turn means that people, who are already finding ways to cut back, will cut their spending back on extras even further thus causing the closure of restaurants, manufacturing plants, and retail outlets in a never before precedented way.

This last week alone this trend has been seen in the cancellation of some 180+ flights a day by American Airlines in an effort to curb costs that could force them out of business. GM and Chrysler found themselves devalued to junk bond status as they borrow more money to try to stay afloat and tried and true Dow Jones Chemicals announced another 40% increase in the wholesale price of their products which follows a 20% increase just last month. Scary? You’re right it is scary. Who is to blame? We the American people must accept a large portion of that blame. It is we ourselves who have been unable to tame the greed for more and better of everything from cars to computers to video games. We are the ones who think we must drive a huge SUV that could hold nine just to drive our daily commute from destination A to destination B. We could never have been satisfied with driving that little 4 banger. After all only the poor drive such vehicles.

Our selfishness aside, it is also the fault of the current administration’s war mongering policies that have forced us into a national debt so huge it will take years to recover. As a result, of that there are no extra reserves in the treasury to help bail out our economy and each of will be forced to learn how to survive without the extras that we take for granted as our right. We could even find ourselves in a worse state than the country was during the 1930 great depression. If so we will find that our country has been forced to its knees not by terrorist bombs but by their control of the oil that our country needs to survive.

What is my point? It is simply this, the predictions and hatred by our enemies may well bring America to its knees but we don’t have to lose hope. Our country was founded on faith in a God who is bigger than we are, who holds our destiny in the palm of His hand and who knows the number of hairs on our head. It was also founded on a principle of working together for the common good.

So, while it may be too late to prevent the current mortgage crisis, the credit crisis, the soaring cost of food, etc. from hitting us hard it is not too late to work together to find a solution that will limit the duration of the pain that we are all sure to endure. I really don’t think that it much matters who we elect as our next president, even though I will vote for Obama, because there is just too much that needs to be corrected. However, according to news reports around the world it seems that other countries will look more favorably upon Obama than they will McCain. They view Obama as a moderate who is willing to use diplomacy to solve world crisis whereas they view McCain, who vows to stay in Iraq for another 100 years, as yet another warmonger along the same lines as our current president.

Given that alone I pray that Obama can really make the difference he would like to make. If not, don’t give up the faith folks, let’s just put our heads together and find a way to decrease our dependence on foreign oil and restore our economy to a world wide force to be reckoned with.