I received my first copy of Windows Vista Business about a week before the actual launch, from the power together campaign.  Since then I have bought a second copy of Vista Business for my laptop.  I have suffered from a rare BSOD on my Vista PC; but that happened with XP as well.

Recently a list of ten reasons why Vista is not that bad was published, and the first item on the list was:

1. It’s more secure than Windows XP. After being implicitly responsible for botnets and security breaches through the incredible popularity of their Windows XP, Microsoft went back and made sure Vista is more secure than its predecessor. And it is. According to security firm PC Tools, Vista had 639 unique threats over a six-month period, whereas XP had 1021. This came from much internal restructuring under the hood, but there’s a chance that it might be due to Vista being a smaller target than XP for malware as well. 

Is Vista more secure as XP? I would argue no, however I would say the XP and Vista are about the same when it comes to security.

I am a huge fan of Vista; I am not saying it is perfect because everything has problems.  What I am curious to know is who uses Vista?  If you use it, do you like it?  o you hate it and avoid it at all costs?  What are the major drawbacks from your point of view?

I always hear people in the live.pirillo.com chatroom saying how much they hate Vista; but no one ever stands up for their claim.

Here is why I like Vista: it looks great, it runs all the software I need it to (games, browsers. music players, movie players, word processors) and the ease of use functions are very user friendly (search, for example).

I want to hear your opinions on Vista; but I do not want to hear how my point of view if incorrect.