An article in Wired speaks of the things we can learn from the life and works of Buckminster Fuller. As I read the small article I found myself wondering how many people might recognize the name.

Although Mr. Fuller is not a household name, he probably should be. He is probably one of the last of what used to be called Renaissance men. The man was a brilliant inventor, best known for the geodesic dome; a design that allows very large structures to remain very strong while using no large spanning members or trusses. As a matter of fact, as any dome design scales up, it becomes stronger, rather than weaker. It is astounding that this man came up with it on his own.

But that was not his only area of knowledge. Besides architecture, he was a student of mathematics, engineering, art, and many of the sciences.

Unlike the education system that we provide today, with a smattering of knowledge here and there, the Renaissance man tries to learn much about many subjects; in fact, he remains a student for life.

This is what is needed in schools today. Teachers that can impart not only knowledge, but the love of knowledge, and also the wisdom that the objective knowledge obtained is its own reward.

the article – with many great photos of Fuller designs

the wiki of Buckminster Fuller

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