Starting next month, July 2008, there will be a new site on the Internet which is going to dedicate itself to the teenage crowd. Called ‘Teen In Tech’ the site is being run by a 15 year old who is the CEO of the new company. This new crop of web people are called ‘teentrepreneu’ and you can bet that the venture capitalist crowd are listening to them. According to their blog it states:

Teens in Tech is planning on launching this July. We are putting the finishing touches on our service now and can’t wait to launch to the public! Teens in Tech is committed to create the best possible community for teenagers looking to become involved in technology, be it through blogging, podcasting, or any form of new media. We can’t wait to see you checking out our service soon!

Well this sounds like a great idea. But the Dad in me says that this site could also be a great fishing spot for the perverts, sexual deviants, child molesting folks that unfortunately live amongst us. It is sad we need to view this as such, and it makes one wonder what safe guards, if any, will be in place when this site opens.

But what do you think? Am I be overly cautious in my assessment?

Comments welcome.

PS I saw this over at FoxNews about a teen being missing after possibly meeting someone on MySpace.

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