Our Canadian neighbors to the north are up in arms to what they feel are extremely high rates they will have to pay to use an iPhone from Apple. Seems that there is only one official, Apple approved company called Rogers that offers services which do seem high at $115 for the fastest speed. In a letter to Steve Jobs the protesters state:

Dear Steve,

My name is James and I would like to thank you for creating the wonderful iPhone device. We really think that you will change the world with it, just as you changed the world with the iPod. We were so happy to learn that on July 11th, we would finally be able to buy the iPhone and legally use it in Canada.

To our great disappointment, Rogers Communications Inc. has announced VERY unfair rates in comparison to AT&T in the United States and to other authorized wireless service providers around the world…. (link)

In addition Rogers has a 3 year contract which is longer than what is offered in the US and UK. Hopefully Apple will be able to pressure Rogers to rethink their rate plan and contract length, which does seem excessive.

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