Whenever you create something that is to be used and enjoyed by other people, it’s always important to get their input on what you’re doing. Although you may at least be partially doing something for yourself, you’re also doing it for your community, so it’s only right that they have a say in how your public project is developed. After all, they know what they want more that you or anyone else. A lot of companies and individuals encourage people to send them feedback on their projects, but as a member of their communities, sometimes you feel like your opinion is just not being heard. UserVoice is a service that enables both project providers to understand what their users want and community members to express themselves freely.

You’ll find that UserVoice brings organization to the feedback and suggestion process. Users can work together to suggest new ideas and support preexisting ideas by voting for them. These votes show you in plain numbers what your users really want, and you can discuss these ideas publicly instead of through e-mail with only one person. Progress is shown and achievements are recorded, and if you really care about your community, then you’ll do something like this.