I don’t know how your e-mail inbox is doing, but mine seems to be getting more and more cluttered as each day goes by. I regularly receive a number of important messages that I have to keep up with, but many times they get lost in the mix with all of the spam. This problem has frustrated many people to the point that they’ll employ powerful spam filtering tools, and depending on who you are, you may only really want to receive e-mail messages from people that you know. Boxbe gives you control of your inbox by enabling you to specify what gets in and what doesn’t.

This means that the messages from the people that you know and have approved will always get to you, but every other message will have to jump through some hoops before it goes from the Waiting List to your inbox. Boxbe can be directly integrated with Yahoo! Mail and Microsoft Outlook, but if you don’t use either one of those tools, you can use a Boxbe public forwarding address that will protect the identity of your true e-mail address and automatically send you what you want to see.