For any of us who have traveled on an airline and who check in a laptop computer, you are aware of the annoying procedure. The user must physically remove the laptop computer from the carrying case and place the laptop in its own separate bin for inspection. For those of you who haven’t enjoyed this experience, it is a PITA.

For us guys we have to place our shoes, pocket stuff, computer case and the computer itself in separate bins. But the best part is at the end of the security check when you are trying to gather up all of your stuff and get it back to where it was. Shoes on, belt, on, watch on, coins back in pocket, wallet, comb and laptop back in case. This is all done while trying to hop on one foot to get a shoe on.

One problem is that most laptop cases have pockets to keep the charger, mouse, cables, and whatever else we carry, which the TSA says obscures the laptops image. But according to this article, a new case is being introduced that should solve this problem:

Two of the biggest luggage manufacturers — Pathfinder Luggage and Targus — say they are rushing to produce the new “checkpoint friendly” laptop cases and expect them to be available by late September or early October.

Two problems with the existing laptop cases are that security officers have difficulty seeing inside them with X-ray equipment, and many of the cases are so crammed with extra gear — power cords, a mouse and the like — that the computer is obscured.

The new cases include either a fold-down section in a bigger briefcase or a stand-alone protective sleeve that contains no extra clutter and can be readily viewed through the scanner.

So for those that fly frequently with their laptop computers, this may just be an option to get through those airport scanners quickly and safely.

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