Gnomie Chris writes:

I watch your show all the time on Apple TV; keep up the good work!

I wanted to let you know that, since you’ve been reporting on Open Source everything, there’s one thing I’ve yet to see you report on, and that is an Open Source 3D gaming environment! I know you’re into games, and I know some of your viewers are on different platforms. Please form an opinion and let us know. I know you’re in touch with people from Google who are also working on the Open Docs project; perhaps you could network the two together? Some of the video on this site includes some 3D modeling of spreadsheets! Pretty slick if you ask me.

So what do you think? Are we going to 3D browsers for fun only or do you think I’ll ever be able to log into my "home world" to go to work? Here’s the link! Enjoy, have fun, and tell us what you think!