With the iPhone getting all the news lately, Google decides to launch a new version of their IM client, Google Talk specifically for the iPhone.

We’ve just released in the US a new version of Google Talk designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch browsers. In addition to sending your friends Gmail messages from your iPhone, you can now chat with them while you’re on the move, too! In your iPhone browser, just go to www.google.com/talk, sign in and start chatting. That’s it. Google Talk runs entirely in the browser so there’s no need to download or install anything. 

Link: Official Google Mobile Blog

Great idea Google, but not good enough.  Here is what the people want: a multi-protocol instant messaging client.  We one program what we can use for all of our instant messaging.  I assume that iPhone users have the same issue as Blackberry users – there is no good free software for this.  I can get a great software, but it costs money.

It is a pain to download and install Blackberry AIM, MSN and Google Talk, and then have to switch between them while talking to friends.

For the Blackberry, I am a huge fan of JiveTalk; but not of the fee.  Where is a mobile version of Trillian, Digsby or Pidgin?

Do you have any multi-protocol IM clients for Blackberry or iPhone?  Are they free?