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Finally, we have an iPhone that I can see myself giving a rip about.

  • The price is (finally) right, Bob“! At the rate of $200 vs past price points seen with the iPhone, I do not feel like getting one for my wife is a total waste of money. In the past we had $600, then $400. That is insane, I am sorry. But $200 is at least on planet Earth.
  • MS Exchange. This was total deal breaker for me. And to be fair, to use this in an enterprise environment without this funcionality is just plain silly. So kudos for making this happen with the latest iPhone release and updates.

Now there are a number of other features, but those are the two biggest that struck me. Yeah, 3G is important too, but it was not the deal breaker for me that the other stuff was. Am I pumped enough to get one of these badboys for myself? Not really as I am have a nearly new BlackBerry that suits my needs just fine. That said, I may indeed be looking to the iPhone when my existing phone is due to be replaced. Congrats to Apple for not taking Google’s third party (can’t someone else do it” approach to real enterprise class options for the mobile device. It’s about time. Should be interesting.