A study by the Pew Charitable Trusts’ Internet and American Life project shows that although many people in the United States are still not connected to the internet , the market is almost saturated.

Those contrary points are brought together when given the facts that about 24% of the population has no desire to have access of any kind.

Say what?

Can you spell Luddite, boys and girls?

The survey results (pdf) are quite interesting, and are broken down in many ways, except for the one that would be most helpful in this instance; by age.

The survey parameters state that all respondents were over 18, but no measure of how many were over 18 by a factor of more than 3 participated was given.

In my experience as a computer technician/builder/educator, older people are similar in this response as they are to the subject of cell phones. perception is that it is an unneeded frill, because the power and scope of the internet has not been shown. The only reason that many of these same people have cell phones is that the idea of having one when traveling and having difficulties is not hard to imagine.

from Ars Technica

Aside from price and availability, there appears to be a psychological barrier for many—19 percent of dialup users claimed, “Nothing will convince me to get broadband.” The report suggests that this may reflect a general level of satisfaction with modern technology. Nearly 70 percent of broadband users say they feel that the gadgets they own make their lives; only 46 percent of those with dialup felt the same.

So between those not wanting access of any kind, and the ones happy with dialup, the picture changes somewhat. (What we need are some Japanese visitors to show these people the error of their ways! Those people love technology – even for its own sake.)

If more of these older Americans had a desire for internet access, it just might drive other numbers up, as many times the older Americans have retired, or otherwise moved, to rural areas, where broadband has little to no penetration. If demand was greater, availability would soon follow.

Show an older person what is available on the internet this holiday weekend – you’ll probably be doing yourself a favor as well.

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