Despite DSL often times being an option for potential customers at rates in the low $20-something range, it seems that even to this day, cost is a hurdle that is preventing many people from dropping dial-up. This may seem a bit extreme, but I have seen indications of this myself on a number of occasions.

So do you firmly believe that broadband adoption here in the States is where it should be? Well I hate to tell you this, but you would be a bit off. Again and again, we see people looking at the costs and more often than not, dial-up networking is where they end up.

Are these users in areas where broadband is available nuts? I do not think so myself. But by all means hit the comments and share your thoughts on the matter. I have certainly made my perspective clear enough. To me, it is just matter of treating it like a utility. Really, I fail to see how DSL is that expensive where available?