, or the clone of Twitter is getting a lot of hype lately.  Personally, I have not used the service.  However, I have looked at the website and the resemblance to Twitter is astonishing. allows users to post small updates about what they are doing.  This website seems to be an exact clone of twitter; it even has the same character limit per post as Twitter. offers one thing that Twitter does not: a solution to Twitter’s downtime.’s answer to Twitter’s scaling issues is by open-sourcing its code and encouraging others to host on their own servers, thus distributing the load. The service also supports other open standards, such as OpenID and a new one called OpenMicroblogging. Based on OAuth, the OpenMicroblogging standard is aimed at making it easy for people on other messaging services to subscribe to users and vice versa. 

Link: The Problem With Is That It Is Not Twitter

Twitter does go down quite a bit; but the downtime is usually limited.  For me,’s solution is not enough to get me to switch over from Twitter.  If wants to succeed, they need to come up with some sort of perk that makes it better than Twitter.  Having the exact same service and promising better uptime is not enough.

Does get a pass or fail?  I think they fail.

What do you think?  Have you used If so, is it better than Twitter?  Will you switch?


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