Considering the fact that this is merely a test, myself opting to do a test broadcast over the my Comcast connection leaves me wondering where Comcast will decide to draw the line. See, I used to create a number of creative how-to YouTube videos designed to help Linux newbies overcome the hurdles that some might face starting out.

It took one minor tweak, but I had the audio working easily. The webcam video was a no-brainer as it worked out of the box. But now I have to make a choice – do I keep streaming hoping that Comcast does not ban me for too much bandwidth use? I have been up and down their TOS and sure enough, it could not be more vague. So I am running the video streaming test today and may begin considering live shows for Linux how-tos, along with re-sharing the video via YouTube later. Tonight’s videos stream is made possible as my wife is out of town visiting relatives. After all, there is no way I would be doing this if she was home, she would never hear of it. And my dog and cat are going nuts over the fireworks, so I am sitting here typing this with my dog’s calming DVD on repeat – looks like it will be a long evening.

So what do you think? Will Comcast and other cable ISPs begin the self-broadcaster crackdown here in the near future? Considering I am using more upload than download, will they even care? Only time will tell, I will be using FiOS here very soon after we move back up north so I am tempted to try my limits, just because I am curious. Will I begin doing this on a regular basis? Nothing extreme, likely on a set schedule and with the idea of broadcasting and then recording tutorials. We’ll have to wait and see how it all pans out.