It has happened to all of us. We try to get on a web site and receive an error message. So we keep trying until we get frustrated. But in the back of our minds remains this question. Is it the web site that is down or is it just me and my computer?

There is a web site you can go to to test a web site to confirm what you may already suspect. Called ‘Down for everyone or just me?’, you can check the site you are trying to connect to and confirm the good or bad news.  This also gives you the chance to check and see if your firewall may be blocking a trusted site you wish to view.

You can use this hand tool from the below Source:


The author of the site, Alex Payne, was recently interviewed by the NY Times and what he has to say about Internet down time is a very interesting read. He states that:

 “I had seen that question posed so often,” said Mr. Payne, who perhaps not coincidentally works at Twitter, a Web messaging and social networking site that is itself known for frequent downtime. “Technology companies have branded the Internet as a place that is always on and where information is always available. People are disappointed and looking for answers when it turns out not to be true.”

Isn’t that the truth. We always expect the Internet to be perfect and often forget that there are forces that are always at work trying to mess up the works. Couple this with your ISP and the problems they have, your hardware and your computer, it is sometimes difficult to isolate what the heck is causing the problem.

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Times article here.