I get a lot of calls at work asking if we sell “amplifiers” for people in low signal areas.  As a tech rep, I have to tell the customers that we do not and I cannot tell them about other companies that might.  Here, however, I can.  So, here is a device that advertises the ability to improve your cell signal by 2 – 3 bars.

Plug the device into an open USB port on your computer and place the antennae near a window. By comparing the signal strengths of the nearest towers, the micro-processor tunes to the correct channels.  Because it only amplifies the signal itself, it is carrier friendly.

Please note, however that you must have at least some signal for this device to work.  It can’t amplify what you don’t have in the first place.  If you are in a low coverage area and are only getting one bar of signal, this device promises to improve that to a usable strength.  This would be exceptionally good for people who insist on using a wireless data card on a desktop computer.

I have used a product similar to this that seemed to work well.  I haven’t seen any reviews for this particular device but this technology is getting better and seems to be pretty reliable now.  Cost for this device is $150 from www.getcellranger.com and they offer a 12v version at the same price.