It’s strange what you find when looking for something else. I came upon a site where the owner was giving a run down of the problems he has had with his Dell laptop.

He was trying desperately to get something done for his website, and after some software manipulation, decided that the problem was hardware related. After doing a bit of searching, he found other lost souls who had had the same difficulties.

The problem appears to be one that Dell put there purposely, to appease the RIAA, and must have thought that for most, the problem could be dismissed, never to come up for their techs, or any other inquiry.

The author states that the kind people at Dell will help you with your problem for $99, and you will be good as new.

But why? This is one of those ‘investigative journalism’ moments where someone should get Dell to make a public apology, and restore the functionality on the affected machines. Also, the money charged any that were forced to pay for this ‘repair’ should have their money refunded, with interest.

Dude, you’re gettin’  the shaft! a Dell!

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