All bets are off now. Windows ‘7’ doesn’t have to be lean and mean. With Intel predicting 12 to 16 cores on the desktop and now Hitachi saying 5Gb will be available on one 3.5” drive by 2010, there’s no problem for Microsoft, except making sure that every machine has a Blu-ray ROM so that the OS can be delivered on one optical disk.

from Maximum PC –

While SSDs continue to come down in price and up in performance, hard disk drives keep ballooning in size. And just when we thought we were becoming spoiled with storage space, Hitachi hits us with a humdinger by announcing plans to release a 5TB hard drive by 2010. That’s FIVE freaking terabytes in a single 3.5″ drive, or half the storage capacity of the human brain, claims Dr. Yoshihiro Shiroishi from Hitachi. In more concrete terms, 5TB equates to about 5,000 hours of video, or more than a million songs. Throw two drives together and you could store a human brain’s worth of porn!

Hitachi’s pledge trumps an earlier prediction the company made back in October 2007 when it said 4TB of storage would be likely by 2011. Instead, Hitachi will employ Current-Perpendicular-to-Plant Giant Magnetoresistance (CPP-GMR) magnetic read heads to pack an additional terabyte than initially anticipated, and a year sooner than predicted. CPP-GMR will make it possible to achieve data densities of 1TB or more per square inch, paving the way for even larger hard drives.

Home theater buffs will undoubtedly herald Hitachi’s announcement, but what about everyone else? Are we reaching the point of diminishing returns in terms of hard drive space?

The only thing left after that is Apple releasing a 1.8” drive iPod using this technology, and calling it the ‘Lifetime iPod’. (‘cause it might take that long to listen to all the songs stored)

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