The Eclipse IDE environment is an up and coming development environment which aspires to become an open source alternative to Microsoft’s .NET. Recently a new WeatherBug API contest entry came rolling in that took Java Development Kit 1.4 under Eclipse 3.2 and built a weather plugin that is both impressive and versatile.

This Eclipse plugin provides the following options:

  • View live weather information for a specific location
  • View 7-day forecast for a specific location
  • Search locations based on ZIP code or city name
  • Save favorite locations

You can also see this plugin in action thanks to the developer’s own Flash video examples:

Want to try it out for yourself, just direct Eclipse over to this website:

Are you a developer?

If you are a developer and wish to see what you can come up with, then head over over to the WeatherBug API page and show us what YOU can come up with! We’ll be looking forward to it.