I drive a lot of cars in the valiant quest for better gas mileage. But up until last week, I didn’t pay close enough attention to the way I drove the land yacht parked in our driveway … the one with 130000 miles on the clock and the parking lot dings to prove it.

That all ended when I plugged a ScanGaugeII into the big Honda’s OBDII port.

When I pointed the battle cruiser to the Interstate, I did so with purpose … with the goal of improving gas mileage by twenty percent or so from the paltry official estimates.

Needless to say, I did much better then that.

Anyone can get better mileage out of their vehicle. It’s not magic. You just need to apply a little technology and a good portion of willpower.

Like Jim Morrison sang in Roadhouse Blues, you gotta let it roll …

Article (w/video): Improving Gas Mileage