McDonald’s Restaurants have chosen to refuse a request by American Family Association to remove their name and logo from the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) Web Site that lists McDonald’s as a “Corporate Partner and Organization Ally”. The corporation also refused to remove its endorsement of NGLCC by Richard Ellis, Vice President of Communications for McDonalds USA, from the NGLCC Web Site.

After refusing both requests McDonald’s donated $20,000 to NGLCC in exchange for membership in the NGLCC and a seat on the group’s board of directors. This board lobbies Congress on homosexual issues including homosexual marriage. McDonald’s stand comes down to what their CEO has stated in the past that McDonald’s will promote any social issues that they choose and do so aggressively. He went on to state that McDonald’s will use their size and resources to make a difference in the world. Does that mean that their goal is to eradicate the traditional family?

For some this support by a major corporation affirms their belief that this behavior is within the acceptable norms of our society. For others it is another indication that our society is setting itself to once again be judged by the Almighty as Sodom and Gomorrah was judged during Bible days when homosexuality was rampant.

For those of you who follow the latter belief the AFA is calling for a boycott of McDonald’s restaurant until they take a neutral stand on the issue. The boycott is not about not hiring homosexual employees, serving homosexual patrons, or treating homosexual employees fairly. It is about respecting the rights of all American’s and not flaunting one segment of society over another.

In the case of the former I question their need to flaunt their actions in the face of others who do not accept this lifestyle for themselves. I do not ask for special treatment because I am heterosexual. I do not ask for corporate sponsorship so that everyone will know my sexual preference. It is a private issue between myself and my partner. I guess overall I am too busy just trying to pay bills, do some good for others, and keep my family’s needs cared for to think that this issue would matter to anyone else.

So overall, I guess I feel that it is wrong for McDonald’s restaurants to throw themselves wholeheartedly behind promoting the homosexual agenda especially since Richard Ellis of McDonald’s is openly homosexual and sits on the NGLCC Board of Directors. If Mr. Ellis has a personal agenda then he should not be allowed to speak for a National Corporation that services traditional American families.