On July 7, 2008 Barack Obama challenged the American people to vote their heart. If they were satisfied with the way the country has been run for the last eight years, under the Bush Administration, he told the citizenry that they should vote for John McCain. If they weren’t happy, however, then they had the opportunity to vote for change.

That statement alone would give me pause to think long and hard about the choice I will make in the November 2008 presidential election. Another thing that Obama had no hand in that gave me pause was an Internet joke that asked if you wanted to vote for a lawyer, who was married to a lawyer, who was being supported by lawyer or if you wanted to vote for a military man, married to a beautiful lady with big breasts, who just happens to own a beer distributorship. Think about it, a military dictatorship where the huge war machine continues to eat up our valuable tax dollars in the aimless quest to find deadlier and more dangerous ways of annihilating the human race or an administration where the economy, infrastructure, and equality are focused on?

Americans, it is up to you. You can say enough is enough. Let’s put the big brains of NASA onto solving the problems of America. What are they? How about finding an affordable source of alternative fuel or a way to stop global warming? These great minds are being wasted. Who cares if there is ice on Mars if there is no affordable food on Earth to feed the masses? I surely don’t. Who wants spy satellites that cost billions of dollars if we can’t afford shoes or education for our children? I don’t. How about you?

Please don’t listen to the rhetoric being slammed down your throat that is aimed at controlling your vote through fear. Obama is not the anti-Christ. Obama is not Muslim. Obama is not a terrorist just waiting to destroy America or that he is going to send all of our tax dollars to Africa. Most of us don’t want to think that we are racist and we do want to consider followers of Jesus’ teachings.

If this is true look at the comments I have just made and ask yourself if you have heard them during this campaign. Now ask yourself if they are why you are afraid to take Obama at his word. He has run a clean campaign that has been financed not just by black Americans but many like myself who desire change. Where are you? Remember, if you are satisfied the way things have been run over the course of the last eight years you should vote for John McCain. If you aren’t satisfied then you do have a viable alternative to vote for Barack Obama.