I have been running some polls on my blog and I decided to remove them for the sake of the WicketPixe update. So, now it is time to post the results.

  1. The first poll I posted was on what is the best CPU: Intel vs AMD. The winner is Intel.
    Best Processor
  2. The next poll I posted was what is the best OS. Mac vs PC vs Linux. The winner is Mac.
    Best OS
  3. The next is: What is the best browser? The winner is Firefox.
    Best Browser
  4. Next is: How did you like the Indiana Jones movie on a scale 1 to 5? Winner 5.
    Indiana Jones
  5. Were would we be with out them Search engines. What is the best search engine? Winner Google of course.
    Search Engines

So that is what I a=have found out from launching polls on my site. Feel free to comment on what you like and what you think is best. Also some back to tomorrow so you can learn how to make your own poll.