Nexon America Inc., the U.S. division of Asia’s leading online gaming company Nexon Group, announced today the official launch for Combat Arms, its original free-to-play, online multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS). The official launch signals the completion of beta testing and the addition of fresh content, including new weapons and an extra map and game mode. Also going live is the game’s ranking system, where players can track their skill level, kills, clan matches and more. Combat Arms beta testers can view rankings and new users can get started by signing up for free here.

“Combat Arms carves out a unique space in the modern FPS market by eliminating subscription fees and locked areas and adding plenty of free weapons,” said Nexon America VP of Marketing Min Kim. “For the first time, gamers can experience a high-quality FPS experience for free. Plus, Nexon’s community features and online stat-tracking let fans tally score kills and talk trash with their friends between matches — with the in-game proof to back it up in the rankings.”

Combat Arms allows gamers to compete in numerous, worldwide combat zones and epic battles against friends and foes. The launch delivers updates throughout the game, now leveling up will unlock new weapons for users to further hone fragging skills on the battlefield, including a new map which transports players to a deadly biochemical lab deep in frozen tundra, giving great opportunities to show off sniper skills.

The launch adds a fourth game mode with “Capture The Flag,” one of the most popular forms of multiplayer gaming. The classic strategy and territory game requires stealth and teamwork and provides another mode for players to show off their expertise.

All of these additions supplement the game’s customization features, which allow gamers to create a personal mercenary with tailored weapons and equipment. Players cannot only create a made-to-order soldier, but can also show him off through the extensive community features with buddy lists, clan support and the extensive stat-tracking system.

Interested players can sign up here.