Google Trends is a great way to see what people are using Google to search for.  This comes in very handy for bloggers, because if you write a post on one of the top searches for the day; chances are you will get some traffic.  However, every-so-often, some strange things show up on Google Trends.  A few weeks ago the number one search was “what happens when inside of girl gets wet’.  The word on the web is that this started as ‘What happens when inside of grill gets wet’, but Google wanted to correct the statement.  Once everyone got word of what happened, the mis-search quickly jumped to the top of the list.  Today’s top trend is a little disturbing as well:

I’m hoping this is a Bloggle exlusive (even though I’ve not been blogging here for while). A strange symbol (swastika?) has just made it HOT on Google Trends. Why? Could be an example of Google ‘bombing’? 


Link: Strange symbols appear on Google

This goes to show that the top Google Trends may not always be accurate; but they do make good blog posts.  The real questions is, how do that many people know how to type that symbol?  It requires some work to be able to post it.


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