As many of you know, I also write computer articles for a newspaper in California. This morning I received this message from a reader in response to an article I had done about upgrading to Windows Vista. After reading the email, I thought this would be something I could share with my readers here at LG and also seek any advice I could give Ed. He states:

Hi Ron, just read your article about Windows Vista.  I have had nothing but problems with this software since I purchased a new computer for Christmas 08.  I thought my problems with outdated computer, software, hard drives, not enough memory, etc. etc.  would be over.   I wish I had my old computer back with Windows ME on it.  


Microsoft should provide more help to correct these issues.   One of my friends took their computer back and returned it because of the problems.  Another friend is more patient that I am and she accepts the fact that she can’t open many programs. 


To compound our problems, we have a dial up network and speed is around 44Kbps.    If you try and download an update, it takes forever.  Most of the updates do not work anyway.


Here are some error messages. 

1.   Unable to open the project. The file may be corrupted.   I just typed it and stored it to my desktop.

2.  Adobe Reader could not open.  It is either not a supported file type or the file has been damaged.  (For example, it was sent as an e-mail attachment and wasn’t correctly decoded.)    I get this frequently from e-mails with an attachment.  How do I or the sender know how to DECODE???????  This is low profile e-mails, not a government project.  

3.  I also get phone calls from my friends who can not open a file that I have sent them as an attachment.   I have to type the whole message within my e-mail message.   Never had this problem before with ME program.


I researched the internet, Microsoft has a Service Pack to update Vista, BUT, there is a warning that some programs may be lost or damaged.    Service Pack would take about 6 hrs. to download.  I contacted someone in Microsoft, they can not send it to me on a disc.  No help.  

Not sure what you are looking for in your articles, but this is some problems that I am having.  I look forward to reading your future articles. 


Thanks again.



What would you advise for Ed to do? Should he upgrade to Service Pack #1 or would this compound his problems? I was going to recommend that he find a friend or family member with a broadband connection and burn the full version of SP1 to disk and give it a try. This is just another example in the assumption by companies such as Microsoft that the entire world has a broadband connection and that they do not need to provide a disk to people like Ed, who are stuck with dial up. 🙁

Comments welcome.

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