Most of you know today is the release of the 3G iPhone.  Reports at work say that people have been waiting in line since yeasterday morning at some stores.  AT&T has offered overtime for us in the call center because they are expecting a large number of calls because of the new device.

I’m not so sure that the hype is all that AT&T and Apple wants it to be.  When the first iPhone was released that’s all you heard about on TV, radio, news papers, etc.  this time, I think I saw one commercial.  I really don’t think people are as excited about this device as Apple and AT&T would like to believe.  When you think about it the device really only offers 2 things that the original does not.  Integrated GPS and use of the 3G data network.  Much of the US has not yet gotten 3G access and the GPS, from what I understand, isn’t turn by turn capable.  I will be looking for the overtime to be cancelled by tomorrow.

I do plan on getting one but not untill a few weeks after today, largely because AT&T does not want employees to purchase one until customers have had a chance to get theirs.  Why I am not sure.  We cannot use the iPhone on our Employee Plans, have to have a contract and pay the $199 just like everyone else.  All other devices we get a 30% discount on and can use it on our 2 employee rate plans .  AT&T is rather stingy with the iPhone.  When the first one was released every employee of Apple got an iPhone free of charge.  As an AT&T rep, I got a 12oz bottle of Apple juice. However, I do want one, if anything just for the “prestige” of having the latest and the greatest.

How many of you are getting the 3G iPhone?  If you have the original what is drawing you to spend another $199 for it?  Leve me a comment and let me know.