I consider a boring day for myself  is when I struggle to find something to write about. The technology news today revolvers mainly around the release of Apple’s new 3G iphone. I read a few dozen articles which complained about activation problems. There was also many complaints about those not being able to update their firmware on their older iPhones. Apple was blamed for slow servers.

Then there was a story about the iTune servers being down as well. I am sure if this has anything to do with activating a 3G phone.  But it does seem that this was lumped in with other problems Apple and AT&T were having. Which makes me believe they were related. Just a guess.

Other related articles stated that peoples iPhone were now iBricks. One person mentioned their firmware upgrade did not work properly and now they couldn’t use their phone. A large numer,  six million,  was used to describe the iBrick problem. I guess that means that six million people can’t use their iBricks? alias iPhones?

We also have film at 11pm which shows some pretty pissed off customers Talk about insults. One person in the crowd wanted to know if the Apple servers were running Vista?

One story even states that the Apple 3G iPhone is a ‘activation apocalypse’. Strong words there pilgrim.

So overall I guess I am glade to have had such a boring day. Seems that the folks at Apple and AT&T might be jealous of my day. 🙂

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