I really wanted to care, I truly did, that Palm is still around and releasing Palm products. But I cannot get over the huge string of bad luck being seen here. Okay, using Windows Mobile. No problem there, makes sense for their offerings. And the new Treo is available on Sprint. Cool, Sprint does some good stuff. Again, no issues. But then we come to a couple of sticky points. The price of the phone and the fact that this is to take on the BlackBerry.

First let’s get serious about taking on the BlackBerry – I own an older Windows Mobile device. It was great, did its job and I would recommend the platform to others overall. But to pin this up against the BlackBerry is not entirely realistic as it is also pinned up against other Windows Mobile devices. See, the Treo is offering the end user nothing all that compelling based on what I am seeing. In the end, it is a Windows Mobile device – fine, and why do I care? How is this better than the BlackJack 2 or any of the other new Windows Mobile phones out there? Then on top of it all, Palm releases after the latest iPhone – this way no one will pay any attention at all.

Then we have the price – $249 after rebates! Okay, honestly, while the price is not totally unreasonable, it’s nothing to get excited about either. Yes, my BlackBerry was more than this. But it provided me with the complete RIM (Research In Motion push technology) package, which I knew I could not get elsewhere! What the heck am I getting with a Palm? A tired legacy of denial? Palm stopped being individuals when they stopped developing their own OS. I am sorry, but despite the company falling badly behind, the only thing that made them “different” has long since died.

To me, this is why BlackBerry and yes, the now reasonably priced iPhone, appear to be more compelling to the end user. Enterprise users will continue their love affair with the BlackBerry – your boss is not really all that pumped about your ability to watch the latest YouTube video on the iPhone, sorry. So that sort of leaves out the iPhone unless you are a SoHo user I suppose. And do not misunderstand, the latest iPhones are AWESOME.

In either case, both the BlackBerry and the iPhone provide experiences that are not duplicated elsewhere. Palm had this back when they were king of the hand-held jungle. But today, it seems that they are selling off yet another run on the mill smart phone that has not been able to provide one single reason why the press would even bother to pick up the news of their latest product. Wonder why?