Dell has announced that the company will provide drivers for those Latitude XP users to enable multi-touch aka touchscreen technology for Windows XP and Windows Vista. Dell is stating that users will not have to wait for Windows 7 to be released to take advantage of using your pinkies to operate the system. In addition Dell also states:

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer highlighted upcoming multi-touch capability that Windows 7 will bring. Chris Flore’s post and video kicked off a flurry of conversations in Techmeme, and we were pumped that they used a Latitude XT was one of the machines Microsoft used show off multi-touch in Windows 7. But, Latitude XT customers don’t have to wait for Windows 7 to use multi-touch. Tomorrow we will introduce a software update globally via for the Dell tablet that will bring multi-touch to both Windows XP and Vista. With this update, customers can use the functionality in several standard apps like Google Earth, Outlook and Microsoft Office, web browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer 7, and XP’s Windows Picture viewer and the Vista’s Windows Photo Gallery. 

Please note that this update has limited function for the products listed in the Dell announcement. But this is a step in the right direction and users will be able to start taking advantage of these new features right away.

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