In my work, I’m required to do research on various startup companies, and while that may sound boring to some of you, I actually really enjoy it. There’s just so much innovation taking place in the technology industry today, and it’s exciting to keep up with all of it. For every company trying to accomplish something, it seems like there are at least ten more that are trying to do the same thing, so competition can be fierce. Corporate information only tells a part of the story, and it’s the reaction of the community that really helps to determine whether a particular company will sink or swim. TradeVibes delivers information on startup companies, but it’s the interactive features that make it more than just a directory of companies.

I like the way in which the information is organized, and TradeVibes members can contribute content to enhance the database. In fact, as a member, you’re an important part of TradeVibes because users can discuss the startups with one another, rate them, and help others understand what these companies are doing. Even if you’re not a member, you’ll still appreciate the information about startup competitors, funding, rankings, and news.