As the WeatherBug API contest begins to come to a close, I am still playing catch up with all of the entries. While they have all been reviewed, getting them posted here has proven to be a real race to finish line – this is great by the way!

In this blog posting, I am going to be highlighting a really clever use of the WeatherBug API called WeatherCurve. The idea is simple enough, provide a simple means of understanding how significant the change of temperature will be over the course of a trip throughout any given location within North America.

It’s simple enough to use, just head on over to the web page and enter in the city and State/ Province. One thing that I noticed is that it might take a minute for the weather data to load, but once it does you will have a clear picture of what the weather “map” will look like for your trip.

Checking out the source code.

The source code is available for inspiration and inspection. Just hit this link to take a gander.