A judge is allowing class action status for 5,000 Dell employees for a suit that was brought by two employees. The law suit is for alleged under payment of salaries at six call centers in the US. The call centers located in the states of  Oregon, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Idaho. In the article it also states:

The lawsuit was originally filed in 2007 by two of Dell’s Roseburg call centre employees, who alleged that Dell was depriving the consumer agents of their proper payment and was not paying them the correct overtime rates.

Since then, the employees have been constantly trying to get permission for a class action suit, with more than 80 people signing in favour of the action. The suit is expected to raise questions over Dell’s treatment of 5,000 present and former employees, and even mentions a staffing agency that works closely with the company.

Though the article does not state what position Dell is taking on these allegations, one could assume that the company may fight the suit. No other specifics were divulged about the law suit except what was stated.

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