As I was looking through some PS3 games that I was thinking of buying I came across The Eye of Judgment and I was looking if it was cheaper at any of the many places they sell it. I came to the Circuit City’s website and I checked it there and its $39.99 that’s the same exact price as if you were to get the PlayStation Eye by it self. You can check out the Circuit City page for The Eye of Judgment with the PlayStation Eye here and the PlayStation Eye by itself here. That’s $25 dollars off The Eye of Judgment pack and it’s like you get the Eye of Judgment game for free.

So if you ever wanted to get a PlayStation Eye then this is a great deal for a free game even if you don’t like it you can give it to someone who might want it that already has the PlayStation Eye or maybe you can give it a try and might like it. When I saw this deal I though it was good so I decided to pick it up at my local Circuit City and they had it at the same price and will talk about it soon after I get a chance to play it. Even if your local Circuit City doesn’t have it at the same price they should be able to put it at the same price as there website also if you don’t have a Circuit City near you maybe other stores might price match it so you can get it at the same price I think Best Buy does the price matching too so you can try there.